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The TKI-Ferrite Ltd. does its best to meet every customer request by the shortest delivery lead-time and highest level of quality. The company complies with the challenges of the telecommunication and space market in a quick and flexible way.
This strategy would not be realised without a stable technical background, comprehensive knowledge and wide co-operating and subcontractor partner base. TKI-Ferrit owns all of the basic technics and professions, such as
• Classical ceramic technology
• Thin-film-, hybrid technology, photolithography
• Different surface treatment methods
• Cutting, grinding, lapping and polishing of ferrites and ceramics
• Material investigation (morphology of our materials, grain-size measurement, TG and TG(M), etc.)
• Microwave measurements, such as measurement of the microwave material’s parameters: 4πMS, ΔH, tgδ, ε, Tc, temperature dependence of the 4πMS, etc.
• Measurement of the transmission parameters: insertion loss, isolation, reflection, etc. on wide temperature range.
The essential, irreplaceable components of the ferrite devices are the microwave ferrite/garnet materials which are prepared by solid state reactions on high temperature sintering (1000-1450C). We developed more than 150 ferrite/garnet materials to our customers with different chemical compositions.
This large material assortiment makes us possible to offer passive microwave devices with different frequency bandwidth(from 70 MHz to 40 GHz), power handling and working temperature range with a reasonable delivery period.
According to our wide-ranging international cooperations we are able to enlarge our capabilities and possibilities further.
The many decades of knowledge and experience of our specialists make possible to enrich the assortiment of our products with newly developed passive components (high power circulators/isolators, drop in devices, etc.)