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The passive microwave components, first of all nonreciproc ferrite devices are essential systems and subsystems for telecommunication applications. The TKI-Ferrite Ltd. the only and traditional producer of these devices and microwave ferrite/garnet materials in Hungary.
We offer narrow and broad band circulators and isolators in waveguide, stripline and microstripline construction from 70 MHz to 40 GHz frequency range and lumped elements circulators, isolators from 70 MHz to 450 MHz.
TKI-Ferrite Ltd. offers not only standard products, but tailor made designes meeting special customer needs, unique passive microwave components.
We offer:
• waveguide ferrite devices
• coaxial (strip line) ferrite devices
• drop in (microstrip) ferrite devices
• other passive microwave devices: loads, directional couplers, waveguide transitions, etc.
• Spinel ferrite materials
• Garnets
The basic parameters of different ferrite devices (isolators, circulators, etc.) are measured by scalar network analyzers and / or computer controlled test systems.
The measurements are carried out by sweepers, frequencyresponse test sets, frequency counters, A/D converters, directonal couplers and / or network analyzer units. All the equipments and instruments are made by such firms as Takeda Riken, HP, Anritsu, a.s.o.
The control unit is an IBM PC compatible computer with an error-correction software possibility.
All the measurements can be carried out at different environmental conditions as required.
The assortment of polycrystalline soft magnetic ferrite and garnet materials, developed and produced in TKI-Ferrite Ltd., cover the entire frequency range from 100 MHz to 40.0 GHz. Refering to spinell ferrites, main emphasis was put on the development of MgMn ferrites with low dielectric losses (mainly for the 4 to 8 GHz frequency range). Li ferrites with a temperature stability over a wide temperature range are applied in the 10 to 18 GHz freqency band, while NiZn ferrites with an extremely high Curie-temperature and losses above 20 GHz.
TKI-Ferrite Ltd. offers garnets with magnetic properties independent of temperature between –20°C and +60°C, and garnets with very low loss factors. TKI-Ferrite Ltd. can produce garnets and ferrites with any kind of values of the saturation magnetization between 25 mT and 500 mT. Machining facilities are available to produce various shapes such as plates, triangles, discs. etc. to meet application requirements. Substrates are also available.
Materials of increased power handling capability are prepared from garnet materials doped with holmium or dysprosium.
We have developed M and W types of hexagonal ferrites pressed in magnetic field for mm-wave applications.
TKI-Ferrite Ltd is capable and willing to develop circulators, isolators and loads according to customers’ specifications.