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Dr. Anna Sztaniszláv

1.    G. Jancsó, A. Sztaniszláv
Study of Gas Chromatographie Deuterium Exchange Isotopenpraxis 8 Jahrgang, Heft 7/1972. p. 259-261

2.    E. Sterk, M. Balla, A. Sztaniszláv, M. Tardos
Investigation of the Effect of Grinding Technology on Polycrystalline Ferrimagnetic Substances
Annual of  the Research Institute for Telecommunication, 1973. p 347-359

3.    E Sterk, A. Sztaniszláv, M. Tardos
Method for producing single-phase polycrystalline ferromagnetic garnets by a magnetic separation procedure.
Hungarian Patent
Patent Number: TA-1218
Date of Patent: March 1, 1974

4.    A. Sztaniszláv, J. Borossay
Investigation of yttrium-iron garnets, I. Investigation of gas desorption at single-crystal and polycrystalline garnets by mass spectrometry.
Hungarian Chemical Review 86 No 9. (1980) p. 385-389.

5.    A. Sztaniszláv, E. Nagygyörgy, Gy. Rudnay
Effect of Presintering Conditions on the Parameters of Polycrystalline Gd-Ca-V-In Substituted YIG.
V. International Conference on Microwave Ferrites Vilnius
1980. X. 8-14.

6.    A. Sztaniszláv, M. Balla, J. Sztatisz
Investigation of ferrimagnetic materials by DTG/M/ method.
XI: Metallurgical Investigation Days
Balatonaliga, 1982. April 26-29. p. 140

7.    A. Sztaniszláv, M. Farkas-Jahnke, I. Grósz, E. Sterk
Solid State Raactions of Fe2O3-Y2O3 and Gd2O3-Fe2O3
Studies by X-Ray Techniques
XI. Hungarian Diffraction Conference
Győr, 1982. Aug. 21-26.

8.    A. Sztaniszláv, M. Balla
Effect of Presintering Conditions on Magnetic and Dielectric Losses of Gyromagnetic Materials
Seventh Colloquium on Microwave Communication
Budapest, 1982. Sept. 6-10. p. 762-767

9.    A. Sztaniszláv, E. Sterk, M. Balla, J. Lábár
Investigation of Chemical Inhomogenities of Presintered Gyromagnetic Garnet Powders with DTG(M) Microscopical Methods
VI. International Conference on Microwave Ferrites
1982. Várna X. 3-10. p 100-103


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